Kylie + Daniel: Aliso Viejo Wedding

Have you ever heard of someone crashing a wedding resulting in a wedding? Well if you haven’t before, now you have :) Kylie + Daniel’s Aliso Viejo wedding happened as a result of Daniel crashing a family wedding with Kylie’s brother.  The two met, and well, the rest is history! Anyone that has seen the two of them interact can see how very much in love they are, and how much fun they have together. So it would come as no surprise that their wedding day was filled with fun and love!

We started off getting ready at the Aliso Viejo Country Club, Kylie and Dan getting ready on opposite sides of the club with their bridal attendants and family.

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Can you tell by looking at this shot Kylie may have a bit of a dance background? :) I was chatting with Kylie’s mom about how beautiful her wedding gown was and how it seemed so her. She shared with me that when she started dress shopping, Kylie said, “No pink and no tulle!” Well, she just happened to find the perfect dress with tulle, and her bridesmaids happened to wear pink dresses. “We are who we are,” as Kylie’s mom said :)
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Kylie and her gorgeous bridesmaids :)

I have to post this picture because this little guy was NOT interested in leaving his mom’s side all day! I wanted to get a picture of him and his sister, and this was the only way to do so :)


Lest we forget about the groom, he had his own entourage :)


Daniel’s not one to just stand there and smile! When I posted this one on my Instagram account, Kylie said it was classic Daniel, and I can say now I know this to be the case! :)cmp_0428



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Daniel made nearly all of their wood signage on their wedding day! I asked Kylie if he had an Etsy shop, and she said no – they just kept coming up with new ideas and he kept putting them together! Talk about an involved groom :)

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Shortly before the ceremony, Kylie and Daniel found a few minutes to pray together.
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Love the way Kylie is looking at Daniel here…


…and Daniel at Kylie here :)

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After the ceremony we had some time with Kylie + Daniel on the Aliso Viejo grounds.


There were some beautiful and touching toasts from family and friends…cmp_0392 cmp_0393 cmp_0395 cmp_0396 cmp_0397 cmp_0398 cmp_0399

…followed by their first dance as husband and wife!
cmp_0400 cmp_0401 cmp_0402

Kylie also had a very sweet father-daughter dance with her dad.cmp_0403 cmp_0404cmp_0406 cmp_0407 cmp_0409 cmp_0410 cmp_0411 cmp_0412 cmp_0413cmp_0405

So you likely may have not noticed, but this was a morning wedding! The ceremony was at 10:30, followed by a brunch reception. I’ve never covered a morning wedding before, and it was so much fun! Aliso Viejo Country Club told me they started doing this about a year ago and it’s become very popular. It’s pretty easy to see why – who doesn’t love mimosas, Bloody Marys, and breakfast food at a reception?!?! As a photographer, the VERY BEST THING about this was I got to spend time with Kylie and Dan after the reception while there was still LIGHT IN THE SKY! Yes, that’s a very big deal! :) We headed out to Laguna Beach to spend about an hour getting portraits and it was so amazing! Major props to the happy couple who had no problem making their way across the beach in their wedding day finery :)

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Congratulations, Kylie + Daniel!cmp_0420

Venue: Aliso Viejo Country Club

DJ: Extreme DJ Service

Florals: A Secret Garden Florist


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