Family Photos

When it comes to family photos, photographers are typically the worst offenders! There really is no excuse, but one gets so used to being behind the camera you often forget the importance of getting a few nice photos of your own family! Wedding formals have always been an important part of the day to me – not the most exciting, no, but it can be so rare to have multiple generations of family members coming together. With three of my family members that have passed since our wedding, I treasure our own formals from our wedding day.

I went back to Michigan shortly before Christmas and basically told my family we were taking photos and told everyone what colors to wear, as well! Yes, I’m a control freak and at this point I believe my family has accepted it and tries to go with the flow :) My mom and I found a huge pine tree just minutes away from their house. These probably only took 10 minutes total, but I couldn’t be happier to have them! :)

The whole gang!

fam_img01 Family Photos

3 of my favorite guys. I feel SO SO lucky to have close relationships with my brothers – I love them to death!

fam_img01 Family Photos

The P+G Connection, as we sometimes call them :)

fam_img01 Family Photos

Huge thanks to my brother’s girlfriend, who helped out with the photos I’m in!