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In 2015, one of my goals was to actually start displaying more photos in our home. I am not all that unusual from a lot of photographers in that although I stress the importance of displaying photos, sometimes I don’t practice what I preach. Well, no more! I had the perfect space in our living room for photos, and in the fall of last year, I started hunting for suitable frames to put in a white bookcase. I also had an idea that I wanted these photos to be pictures of me and my husband from our childhoods, and it seemed natural to display these in black and white. I scanned all the photos in shortly before Christmas, and then had the task of removing scratches and dust from oh…twenty-ish years of sitting around.  Thank goodness for Photoshop! :) If there’s one thing I appreciate, though, it’s a printed photo. That’s something I fear a little in this digital age…if our computers go kaput, there goes our memories! But anyway, shortly before Christmas I had all the prints in, and now that our house is de-Christmased, the photos are finally on display!

cmp_0186 Family Photoscmp_0186 Family Photos cmp_0186 Family Photos cmp_0186 Family Photos

I know I am a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit biased, but how freaking cute was my husband as a kid?!?!cmp_0186 Family Photos cmp_0186 Family Photos cmp_0186 Family Photos cmp_0186 Family Photos

I really love, not only the prints themselves, but the eclectic feel of the non-matching frames. I am a big fan of framed pictures! There are a lot of cool photo products like canvases, metal prints, wood prints, etc., but framing offers the most flexibility and the option to change out the images over time.

Hopefully this serves as a little inspiration to get some of your own memories on display in your own home! :)


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