Friday Five: IV

1. The run-around

So, I don’t run. I’ve always exercised in one way or another, but running has never really appealed to me. I’ve started running in very short stints at various points throughout the years, only to conclude in a few months, “This is boring.”

But you know what would make me run?


I’ve been aware of Run for Your Lives for a few months now. It’s a 5k obstacle course complete with bloodthirsty zombies chasing you. I posted the race on my Facebook wall a couple of days ago, and the more people that commented, the more excited I got. Plus one of my good friends committed to the Temecula race, and my husband said he wanted to go, too! It seems like a lot more fun than just running. Plus, let’s get real here: the zombie apocalypse IS coming. I simply view this as training.

Now there’s only the teeny, tiny little detail that I don’t run. I can’t run a 5k. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t run a 1k right now. Fortunately, my friend wan just trained for a 5k and she utilized the Couch to 5k app. So, looks like I have 9 weeks of training on my hands, which is plenty of time. I believe these shoes were made for running. So that’s just what I’ll do (ha ha).

IMG_0464 Friday Five: IV

I just hope the REAL zombie apocalypse doesn’t come before October. I want to be ready!

2. Β The best pink lipgloss EVER!

Bold statement, I know? Well, consider exhibit A before you label me a liar:

IMG_0464 Friday Five: IV

This is just what’s in my purse. I don’t think they’ve invented a wide enough lens to capture my entire collection.

I decided this was the best lip gloss ever when I realized that it’s the only gloss I’ve repurchased in…8 years? I love buying new stuff, so repurchasing a makeup item is pretty rare. But Carmex Moisture Plus is the perfect balance: very light, just enough color, and ALSO has SPF! It comes in a few different colors, but pink is my favorite.

IMG_0464 Friday Five: IV3. Agave

IMG_0464 Friday Five: IVI remember the day we got our fish. It was my husband’s birthday, and I was planning on making a fancy dinner: filets, twice baked potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms were on the menu. Instead, I put two of my fingers directly on the heating element in our oven while pulling out pans, and we had pizza. Oops.

Our friends gave us Agave, which is perfect, because when their daughter turns 3 this summer, we’re giving her a puppy! They gave us 6 months. Oh ye of little faith. I think this little guy is going to last at least 7!

Here is is trying to play hide-and-seek. He’s not very good at it.

IMG_0464 Friday Five: IVMore than 5 goldfish I had as a child went to goldfish heaven, but I promise to take good care of you, Agave!

IMG_0464 Friday Five: IV

He looks kind of worried, huh?

4. Amazon Cloud

Oh, Amazon. I love you so much. First you had me with your Prime service. I’ve happily paid for Prime each year to be assured of 2-day delivery. I was just buying books at the beginning, but now I purchase everything from cleaning products to camera gear. Β I’m honestly a little scared to add up my yearly spend.

A few months ago, I discovered the Cloud. It came at a perfect time, when my iPod conveniently stopped working (it was an iPod mini…RIP) and then iTunes decided to wipe out all of my non-iTunes music. I’ve never been an Apple fanatic, so when I learned I could download music via Amazon MP3 and transfer it to my cloud, and then be able to play my music ANYWHERE from my phone…it’s like the clouds parted and angels sang. Yes, I am always this dramatic, why do you ask?

It’s one of those good / bad things, though. See, with my fancy HTC phone, I can download music anywhere, at any time. Before I could only download it at home, on the computer. Now, if I’m driving around and hear a song I like, I just download it. It’s dangerous, people. Very dangerous.

IMG_0464 Friday Five: IV“Gold on the Ceiling” by the Black Keys is my favorite song right now. It has such a great rock-n-roll vibe to it.

5. Halfpops

Sometimes I get tunnel vision. My friend weezermonkey recently blogged about a delicious new snack she had tried, Halfpops. I am not kidding in that I could NOT stop thinking about this popcorn. I am a salty treat addict, particularly when it comes to popcorn. I have microwave popcorn every night, and the concept of half-popped popcorn seemed brilliant to me. BUT…the closest location to purchase these tasty treats was Newport Beach. I KNOW. Other side of the world, amirite?!?!?!

I’ve never done this, but I contacted Halfpops. I HAD to have this snack. And mostly I was joking, but I think they became convinced of my dedication when I sent this haiku:

Delicious Halfpops

Why do you play hard to get?

Get in my belly

Sooo….I have a case of Halfpops now and they are just as amazing as I imagined they would be!

Don’t act like you’re not impressed I got a personalized note:

IMG_0464 Friday Five: IVI kind of went a little crazy pretending I was a commercial photographer. Minus the set and professional lighting equipment.

IMG_0464 Friday Five: IVIMG_0464 Friday Five: IVThey have two flavors: natural butter & pure ocean sea salt, and natural aged white cheddar. Both are fantastic, I honestly can’t choose between the two! Both flavors are the perfect combination of crunchy and popcorn-y. Does that make sense? No? All you need to know is they are addictive.

IMG_0464 Friday Five: IVIMG_0464 Friday Five: IVThey’re currently available at Bristol Farms and well worth the trip! Which I shall be taking once my supply runs out.

Happy Friday!


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    April 13, 2012 at 8:05 am

    That fish is adorable. Keeping fish alive is harder than it seems sometimes. Horray for Agave!

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    April 13, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    I swear, I have been trying all dang day to read this but I was at work and I couldn’t leave the site open long enough to read your blog entry. I had to keep closing out. But I’m glad I waited. I cannot wait to do the 5K Zombie run! Thank you thank you thank you for letting me know about that!!!! Woooooooooooooooooo! Ray said he was going to do it and my daughter, Chloe, did too. I’m stuck on the lip gloss and Half Pops!

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